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Advantages of FOAM-LOK™ Retrofit Foam Insulation

FOAM-LOK™ Retrofit insulation sprayed by AeroFoam adds tremendous R-value to exterior walls, achieving up to R-13 in 2x4 walls and up to R-21 in 2x6 walls. Additionally FOAM-LOK™ Retrofit Foam Insulation reduces energy use in buildings beyond its stated R-value because of FOAM-LOK™ Retrofit Foam.

There are very few things that homeowners can do in the way of home improvement that will actually yield a return investment. With energy savings of up to 50% FOAM-LOK™ Retrofit Foam from AeroFoam can not only pay for itself, but can actually save you money for the entire life of your home.

Injection Foam Process

FOAM-LOK™ Retrofit Foam is installed by the trained AeroFoam applicators that are familiar with the detailed process of injecting insulation into existing wall cavities. Depending on the design of your home, AeroFoam's Retrofit foam applicators can drill 1/2” diameter holes into your exterior wall cavities, allowing access for the foam application. The injection foam application can be made from the interior or exterior of the building, depending on whether the interior or exterior finishes are to be renovated. Many types of construction can be retrofitted; from wood frame, metal frame, and masonry among others.

The actual process is quite simple. After the ˝” diameter holes are strategically drilled, the AeroFoam Retrofit foam applicators will use specialized equipment to inject the 2 component insulation systems into your existing wall cavity. Because our special formulation goes in as a liquid, it is able to run to the bottom of the wall cavity where it then begins to expand 50 times its original volume, allowing the foam to completely fill the entire cavity.

FOAM-LOK™ Retrofit Foam applicators are trained to time their injections to minimize any chance of bowing or blowing off any interior finishes. As the foam is applied by AeroFoam it lifts to fill the wall cavities, it makes a complete bond with the interior and exterior finishes, eliminating air movement into and through the building envelope, making the building more energy efficient. Once the application process is complete, the refinish of application holes can be easily repaired. This process is generally the responsibility of the homeowner.

What is a FOAM-LOK™ Retrofit Home?

Adding insulation is part of almost every home retrofit project. Having AeroFoam install foam insulation as a barrier between the home and the outside environment is one of the most important ways to improve the efficiency of any home.

Creating an “air tight” building through the installation of AeroFoam's foam insulation, caulking and weather stripping is the fastest way to reduce energy consumption, improve indoor air quality, and maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

Unwanted drafts and hot or cold pockets in your home’s exterior walls can cause severe discomfort for the occupants of the building. Additionally, un-insulated walls can cost homeowners thousands of dollars each year in heating and cooling bills. There is finally a solution to this problem. FOAM-LOK™ Retrofit foam from AeroFoam can be retrofitted into existing wall cavities to create an air tight barrier against unwanted air infiltration and heat transfer.

FOAM-LOK™ Retrofit Foam Approved Applicators

Lapolla brand FOAM-LOK™ Retrofit Foam approved applicators have an aptitude for building science solutions. All approved applicators undergo extensive training to ensure they are qualified to recommend the right solution for each situation they encounter and to also ensure their ability to perform professional energy efficient upgrades for their customers. At Lapolla, our management staff and network regional account managers have decades of experience in the insulation and spray foam industry, further insuring the success of each and every Lapolla FOAM-LOK™ applicator.

FOAM-LOK™ approved applicators value a collaborative approach to evaluate, design and delivery of air tight homes to their customers. With the addition of FOAM-LOK™ Retrofit foam insulation sprayed by AeroFoam, homeowners gain “peace of mind” that their home delivers maximum protection against energy loss and maximum comfort for their family.

Complete the Envelope

Finish off the thermal envelope of your home by sealing your attic, crawl space or basement. FOAM-LOK™ Retrofit foam insulation from AeroFoam creates a seamless monolithic seal with the roof deck, subfloor or basement foundation, thus creating a continuous air barrier on the building’s perimeter. In enclosed attic assemblies, this application stops heat buildup from transferring into the interior of the attic space, reducing stress on the HVAC system and ductwork by bringing them into the conditioned envelop of the building.

What are you waiting for? In-home evaluations and energy improvement recommendations are free in most circumstances. Give AeroFoam a call today and find out how we can fulfill your insulation needs.