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EPDM Coating System: A Quality, Economical
Solution Your Aged EPDM Roof and Existing Reroofing Needs

The EPDM Coating System applied by AeroFoam is a three-step system using the new WAC II roofing surface cleaner, the new Conklin Tack Coat Primer and Conklinís proven Rapid Roof IIIģ top coat. These products, used together as a system, provide an excellent coating to aged EPDM membranes for a highly reflective, energy-saving durable roof.

Who Can Afford to Take Chances?

The Conklin system provided by AeroFoam is a proven problem solver which saves you money. Many times when a roof membrane starts to fail, there are only two options. You can either do nothing and live with the leaks or tear the old roof off and replace it. AeroFoam's system gives you another option. Now you can coat the existing membrane and enjoy the benefits of reduced energy bills, a longer-lasting roof, and the ability to apply the new membrane without major disruptions to your business. All at a less expensive price than reroofing! In addition, it is completely sustainableómeaning you can continue to recoat the acrylic coating, as needed, for years and years to come!

Energy Efficient

The Conklin EPDM Coating System applied by AeroFoam provides a reflective coating of Rapid Roof III top coat over an existing EPDM roof membrane. The light-colored coating reflects the majority of the sunís energy away from the roof surface, keeping the roof membrane and the workspace underneath cooler, using less energy to keep cool. The average EPDM roof reflects five to six percent of the solar energy away from the surface, while Rapid Roof III from AeroFoam reflects 85 percent of the sunís energy away from the roofís surface. It is not unusual for a cool roof to lower roof top temperatures by 20 to 30 degrees!

A Great Finish Ė Extending Your Roofís Life

EPDM roof membranes have long suffered from premature degradation due to exposure to the elements. Dark surfaces absorb large amounts of heat energy from the sun, causing the membrane to expand and contract to extreme levels. Over time, this movement causes the membrane to shrink, increasing the possibility for seam leakage. The Conklin coating system applied by AeroFoam protects the existing membrane with a finish coat that reflects the sunís harmful rays away from the surface and effectively secures the seams of the membrane for a water-tight seal. No longer exposed to the majority of the sunís rays, the EPDM membrane will have a much longer life span. Recoats of Rapid Roof III can be applied by AeroFoam as necessary to add further longevity to the life of the roof.

Years of Guaranteed Protection

We extend our optional warranty program for your new Conklin and AeroFoam roof system with confidence. Conklin Company and AeroFoam has teamed up to guarantee a leak-proof system that will shield your building for many years to come.