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Flexion: Protection from Mother Nature

The word "Flexion" refers to the act of flexing or bending. That’s exactly what Conklin’s newest roofing system is designed to accomplish. Conklin’s Flexion provides a tough, yet extremely flexible, 50-mil barrier between you and the elements when installed by AeroFoam. The Flexion System’s advanced Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) thermoplastic formulation has been reinforced with Dupont Elvaloy® and a 1000-denier, low-wicking fabric, providing superior strength, stability and flexibility over the long haul. In addition, Flexion features natural fire resistance, easy maintenance and favorable life cycle costing. Combine all these built-in features with years of proven performance and excellent sales support from AeroFoam and you have an investment with unsurpassed cost-effectiveness. With Flexion, you’re protected against the worst Mother Nature can dish out.

The Low-Maintenance Solution

Flexion’s thermoplastic formulation allows the seams to be heat welded. In addition, maintenance and repair provided by AeroFoam can be performed with relative ease because seams can be heated without special cleaners or adhesives. Building owners now can be confident in the integrity of this protective barrier, because these thermoplastic seams are actually stronger than the parent product, assuring a tough, durable and waterproof life. Thermoplastic characteristics also mean that the membrane will remain flexible and easy to work with, even in cooler temperatures and climates. Tough, durable, and flexible—what else could you ask for?

Return on Investment – Now That’s “Cool”!

Building owners will be pleased to learn that the Flexion system features favorable life cycle costing; a concept foreign to traditional black roofing products available on the market. Flexion’s highly-reflective surface reflects away 85 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, keeping the roof cooler. And, a cooler roof means a cooler work or living space underneath. In fact, a “cool roof” membrane applied by AeroFoam can do something dark surfaced roofing could never do – pay for itself in energy savings in an average of four to seven years!

While you’re busy saving money, the Energy Star rated roof membrane is helping the environment by reducing the effects of urban heat islands, reducing workloads in air conditioning units and, thus, requiring less energy demand on local power producers. Now who said you couldn’t save money and do something positive for the environment – all at the same time?

The Smart Long-Term Investment

AeroFoam looks at a roof as a long-term investment, not just another expense. When you look at life-cycle costs, the Conklin Flexion single-ply system installed by AeroFoam is a proven and economical solution to your roofing needs. Our systems require less maintenance than other types of roofs. They last much longer than traditional roof systems.

Conklin is a Charter Member of the Energy Star Roofing Products Program

Conklin’s light-colored roofing systems have earned the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star designation for keeping structures cool while offering outstanding protection against leaks.

Highly-reflective roof surfaces reduce surrounding temperatures and extend the life of the roof by years. AeroFoam's roofing customers can attest to lower air-conditioning bills and less wear and tear on their cooling systems.