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Investment Protection

Leaky roof! Two of the most troubling words in any building owner’s vocabulary. Seven of the best words? Fabric-reinforced ply systems installed by AeroFoam. Cover your roof with a seamless coat of protection and eliminate the leaking.

Drive Down Your Energy Costs

The formula: Saving money on air conditioning + Lowering heating bills = Return on investment. AeroFoam's highly reflective roofing systems with added insulation can pay for itself through reduced energy consumption, in as little as four to seven years. Our roofing systems have earned the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star designation for keeping structures cool.

A Durable, Breathable System

AeroFoam's Energy Star rated roofing systems help the roof surface stay cooler by reflecting the sun’s ultraviolet rays, rather than absorbing them in the form of heat. A cooler roof makes it easier to maintain a cooler workspace and reduces the extreme movement that can lead to the premature demise of your investment.

AeroFoam's acrylic elastomeric roof coatings also offer the benefit of breathability. Think of a AeroFoam fabric-reinforced system as a high-performance shield for your building. Strong and flexible enough to keep out the elements, yet smart enough to prevent small amounts of interior water vapor from becoming trapped in the roof’s insulation, thus destroying its thermal efficiency. Any way you look at it, AeroFoam ply systems offer durability and flexibility for the long haul.

Choice to Meet Your Needs

You choose the elastomeric, VOC compliant roof coating which best meets your needs. Each fabric-reinforced system is sustainable, upgradable and recoatable without any environmental concerns.


Resistant to acid rain, air pollutants and ultraviolet degradation, Conklin’s premier roof coating provides the ultimate combination of flexibility and strength for your toughest projects when applied by AeroFoam. This 100 percent acrylic coating is recognized by most major code organizations, including Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL), Factory Mutual (FM), Miami-Dade and the International Code Conference. Benchmark features an Energy Star rating, an initial solar reflective value of 85 percent, and an initial thermal emittance of 89 percent for maximum energy efficiency.

Rapid RoofTM III

Rapid Roof has proven itself with a track record of trouble-free service since 1977. This lightweight, flexible, seamless and weatherproof system carries a UL Class A fire classification on non-cumbustible decks. Rapid Roof III in standard white provides a 85 percent reflective, 90 percent thermal emittance value, it is tack-free and has a dirt resistant finish. Continuing to lead in innovation, Rapid Roof III applied by AeroFoam offers several optional colors that also meet the Energy Star requirements for reflectivity and energy efficiency.

Rapid Roof HV

This High Value system delivers the same waterproof, seamless flexibility and durability of the other roofing systems, but at a lower price because it does not carry the costly code approvals and fire ratings. Rapid Roof HV features a 73 percent solar reflective value and meets the requirements for the Energy Star program when AeroFoam spplies the coating.

Flexibility for Weather Resistance

Steady your investment. Buildings expand and contract with the weather. A AeroFoam ply system provides both superior strength and flexibility to keep both you and your investments protected from the elements.

Custom Built on Site

Does a one-size-fits-all roofing system make sense to you? Of course not. That’s why a AeroFoam ply systems are custom built to meet all the intricacies of your roof. By embedding fabric between multiple coats of either Conklin’s Benchmark,® Rapid Roof IIITM or Rapid Roof HV, the AeroFoam ply system roof is manufactured on site to meet your roof’s special needs.

Multi-Surface Versatility

A AeroFoam ply system roof is perfect for most flat or low-sloped roofs over approved exterior grade plywood; it is also effective with high density concrete, smooth surface built-up roofing, or AeroFoam approved board stock insulation.

New Construction or Re-Roofing

A AeroFoam ply system is lighter than a conventional asphalt built-up roof. Because of this, architects are free to design innovative buildings without the restriction of heavy roof loads. The AeroFoam ply system is light enough to apply over the top of the previous roofing surface, sparing you expensive tear-off and landfill disposal costs.

The Benefit of Fabric

The unique proprietary Conklin Spunflex polyester fabric offers the advantage of strength and toughness; while providing exceptional elongation characteristics when installed by AeroFoam. The AeroFoam ply system incorporates fabric as reinforcement, raising reinforced membrane roofing to a new level.

Save Money. Protect Yourself From Weather Extremes.

Make an investment for future generations with this environmentally friendly product. The Conklin company and AeroFoam has teamed up to provide you with a leak-proof system that will shield your building for many years to come.

A Proven Record

Our building products offer real value to the home or building owner. The value of favorable life cycle costs, return on investment, easy maintenance and lower heating and cooling bills all add up to the best value for your dollar. Combine this with a history of tested, proven and trusted performance and you have an investment with unsurpassed cost efficiency.

In Good Hands

A quality product is only one part of a successful equation. That product must also be installed by a highly-trained applicator who understands how it should be applied. To this end, Conklin provides a comprehensive training program to inform the contractor on product usage and correct application techniques. For a project to be a long-term success there must be a good roof design, use of a quality roofing product, installed and serviced by a competent applicator. AeroFoam is proud to have completed all of the required training to install Conklin roof systems.

The Bottom Line

In our relationships with roofing contractors, building owners and facility managers, we look at a roof as a long-term investment, not just another expense.