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Aerofoam is the number one contractor for all polyurea needs on the Western Slope. AeroFoam is capable of applying any polyurea necessary. Polyureas provide a durable yet flexible solution to problems regarding liquids or structural strength.

Polyureas are a high performance spray applied elastomer coating. It provides a tough, flexible and resilient monolithic membrane with water and chemical resistance. AeroFoam can apply polyureas to nearly any surface to increase structural strength, reduce liquid permeability and create a durable coating that will last for years.

Polyurea is ideal choice of polymers for filling or repairing construction joints, cracks and leaks. When sprayed upon substrate imperfections polyureas are capable of rising and bridging to eliminate gaps. When applied to porous surfaces such as vertical poured concrete and concrete masonry, polyurea virtually eliminates blowholes and pinholes.

There are numerous benefits to using Aerofoam's polyureas. Providing a stronger, more durable surface with excellent resistance to hydrocarbons and chemicals. Greater flexibility and higher elongation; able to withstand the contraction and expansion of substrate. AeroFoam's polyureas can be sprayed to any thickness in one application and cure rapidly; allowing service to return within hours and not days. AeroFoam's polyureas are relatively unaffected by cool surfaces during the application process; it can also be applied in a very wide range of temperatures.

AeroFoam offers Spray applied polyureas that provide a quick and affordable solution to almost any water issue. Polyureas that are sprayed by AeroFoam are cabable of setting up within a few seconds, even under some of the wettest conditions! When facing the daunting task of leaking concrete, polyureas by AeroFoam can be applied directly onto porous concrete substrate with minimal prep work other than the removal of damaged concrete. Whether it is a large structural leak or a small containment pond; there is no better solution than AeroFoam spray applied polyurea.

Polyureas can be used in almost any way imaginable:

Specific commercial or industrial uses for AeroFoam's spray applied polyureas:

Wastewater industry

Waste water produces hydrogen sulfide gas, over time this gas can deteriorate a concrete surface; leading to the potential of spills or other damage. Polyureas provide a impermeable barrier that is resistant to hydrogen sulfide gas, water, and many chemicals.

Waterproofing & corrosion protection

Industrial waterproofing is critical to structures and facilities that are vulnerable to flooding, intense water damage or corrosion. Polyureas provide essential protection to a variety of contstruction materials: concrete, metals, wood, glass, polyurethane foam and more). Investing in polyurea will greatly extend your investment's service life at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Oil & gas industry

With government regulations requiring secondary containment to protect the environment; gas and oil companies need a reliable solution that will protect the environment and critical infrastructure. Polyureas provide a durable and waterproof solution to containment issues for the oil and gas industry.