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Information About Foam Slab Lifting

Over time concrete slabs can sink and become unlevel; this poses a serious trip or fall hazard, but it can also be damaging to equipment. The old and expensive way to fix these issues was to tear out the slab and replace it. Tearing out and replacing concrete slabs would take days and dozens of man hours. However, thanks to AeroFoam there is an affordable solution to the problem of sinking slabs that does not require replacing the concrete.

AeroFoam has come up with a way to inject our polyurethane foam under concrete slabs and gently lift them back into place. This process can generally be completed in just under a day or a few hours time. Lifting slabs in this manner helps increase soil stabilization and reduces the chance for the slab to sink again.

AeroFoam's process for leveling slabs is a 4 step process:

Not all concrete can be raised; if concrete is shattered or has a poured in low spot, concrete raising will not fix the problem. In these circumstances, AeroFoam recommends replacing the slab.

Concrete cannot be lowered; Concrete that has been raised due to tree roots or other factors cannot be lowered. Commonly the only solutions is to raise the surrounding slabs to create a level surface.

Aerofoam’s proven way of slab jacking can be used on almost any type of unlevel concrete: